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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 122

Today I am grateful for General Conference. Today I am grateful living prophets. Today I am grateful messages that are proof that God knows me and knows what I need to hear. Today I am grateful for the whispering of the spirit.

Today I am grateful for John. It’s his birthday. He was sure I didn’t get him a present. I admit, he is hard to buy for because he buys what he wants and what he wants that he doesn’t buy is way too expensive. About the only thing I could think of was to agree to go camping this summer. My main problem is that he is so busy with work and he keeps saying he won’t have time off and you have to reserve sights almost a year in advance. So after he accused me of not thinking of him (which frustrated me and stung) I made him look at the calendar and tell me when he could go. Then I made the reservation. I know. It’s a stupid present. Its just all I could think of, especially since all my recent presents for him have turned out to be duds… pants he returned… tool benches he wasn’t really interested in because it turns out he really doesn’t really enjoy building stuff… a telescope that never showed up. So instead, the only thing I can think of is to sit in the woods in the dirt and the bugs and not sleep. But he likes the mountains, so that what it is. Still, I am grateful that he is here one more year. I am grateful that he is okay with throwing his own party. He invited the missionaries for dinner and went to get the pizza for himself. He decided to open up the pool today for grand kids so he even threw a pool party and I was the life guard. Today I am grateful that Kimber and Lilli helped me be the life guard.

Today I am grateful for showers.

Today I am grateful for a washing machine.

Today I am grateful that Lilli didn’t get seriously hurt when she fell down the stairs.

Today I am grateful all of the kids contacted John for his birthday today. I am glad they feel connect to at least one of us.

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