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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 123

Today I am so thankful for General Conference! So many great messages. I can’t even concentrate to even list the messages that I remember most. I loved the talk by President Nelson about increasing faith in Jesus Christ with his 5 suggestions. I loved the talk by Elder Uchtdorf reminding us that God is among us and that our failures refine us not define us. I loved the reminder from Sister Jones that our families need face to face teaching moments. The reminder from Brother Newman that we need to take the opportunity to learn from the Savior Himself through diligence with the Come Follow Me. How perfect was the reminder from Elder Stevenson to seek unity and that kindness is is healing gospel principle. I was inspired by Elder Gong’s teaching that this is the gospel of second and third chance and there is room for all in His inn. I can’t wait for the opportunity to go to the temple again. President Eyring’s message that temples are a place of personal revelation was powerful. I loved Elder Holland’s talk. I always do love his talks. His reminder that challenges are a part of life but Jesus is our refuge and strength. It was a good reminder from Elder Becerra for seek the “one” and that everyone is important in the church. I loved Elder Renlund’s talk about things that are unfair. It was like a revelation to think that all that Jesus endured in our behalf wasn’t about fair. It was about love. Elder Anderson’s talk about women and loving children was recurring. I loved Elder Mutombo’s talk that was a beautiful reminder that Jesus is the reminder and antidote for all the crazy things in this worlds. President Ballard’s talk seemed to mostly be directed toward single members. However, I appreciated his list of 5 principles to remember: everyone has the opportunity for exaltation, things happen on God’s time line, while waiting on God’s time line we need to be obedient and continue our spiritual progress, all who repent and keep the commandments will gain eternal life, and all is rooted in Jesus Christ. It was soo cool to have talks from members from all around the world. How cool is that? We are truly a world wide church. I loved Elder Soares reminder that repentance is the expression of God’s love for us. Sister Aburto’s testimony that the resurrection is real was so powerful! Elder Palmer testified that knowledge of the resurrection of Jesus Christ gives meaning and purpose to life. Elder Dube was one of my favorites. His teaching, that it is not up to us if the pain goes away or not, is not up to me and that it it up to God and His will and timing. It was a strength to me to “never give up. The reminder that serving others is part of the path back to Heavenly Father by Elder Teixeira was a timely one. I enjoyed listening to Elder Wakolo. I loved how he taught that God manifests His love for us by giving us families, prophets, and chastening. I learned from Elder Wong that with God on our side we can not fail. Elder Teh inspired me to KNOW the Savior and not just know about Him. I am impressed with Elder Oaks brain. Man! That guy is smart. I loved his take on protecting the Constitution. I loved the message of miracles from Elder Rasband. I love to study light, so the talk by Elder Dyches about light attracting light was fascinating. Jesus is The Light! I loved the lesson of how covenants keep us accountable to God taught by Elder Christoffersen. I wanted to experience the temple more after Elder Walker’s talk about how covenants bind us to God thanks to the Restoration. Elder Bednar is always a highlight for me. “I invite all of us to learn, live and love principles of righteousness. Only gospel truths can enable us to ‘cheerfully do all things that lie in our power’ to press forward on the covenant path and to ‘see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed.’” And then, 20 more temples! And one in Oregon. What a great conference!

Today I am thankful for the overwhelming feelings of gratitude for the generosity of so many. I was toughed as I watched so many step up and serve in the Church news and World report.

Today I am grateful for the overwhelming feelings of love and devotion I fell for Jesus.

Today I am grateful for the cherry tree blooming in the front yard. Today I am grateful daffodils blooming in the yard too.

Today I am grateful for the most perfect bread dough I have ever made. The rolls were perfect!

Today I am grateful the fire in the backyard and the hotdogs on the homemade rolls. I am thankful for the time with Lilli and John around the fire.

Today I am thankful for a perfect Easter and for a perfect Sunday of worship.

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