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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 124

Today I was teaching a voice lesson and I was teaching Ariel’s song from The Little Mermaid to a student and I had a sudden amazing thought! We are spiritual teenagers! We think we know best. We think that life outside the home has got to be better than at home. We think the rules are just to keep us down. And in the end, after we experience life and hardship for a awhile, we realize that the rules were meant to keep us safe. Home isn’t so bad. Parents are the bomb and super smart. And most of us really just want to go home and sit on our mom’s lap. Today I am thankful for gospel lessons from the most unexpected places.

Today I had a lovely chat with a fellow teacher and felt I needed to tell her that although I have never met her mother, she must have been an amazing women because the daughter she raised is amazing. I felt to tell her that she must be a perfect reflection of her mother’s goodness and charity. It surprised her and she seemed touched. She is an amazing person and teacher and I think the world of her. I hope she felt the spirit of what I was trying to tell her. Today I am grateful for such experiences.

Today I am grateful for a lovely meeting with my Restorative Justice peeps.

Today I am grateful that my friend Lynn is going to help me print a large bear pattern… and make my “Grandma’s Beach sign for my back deck.

Today I am thankful for a phone call from McKay.

Today I am thankful for yummy left overs. The butter Chicken and rice is still delish and the rolls from yesterday are divine!

Today I am grateful I got my scripture study in before I went to work for my 7:30 meeting.

Today I am grateful for my voice students. It makes Mondays long to teach from 1:30-8:30pm, but it is so worth it because I love all of the people I teach.

Today I am grateful that one of my PSP students trusted me enough to stay on Zoom after class and chat with me about some things that are stressing her out. I hope I was helpful.

Today I am grateful to some children are connecting strongly with John. It is a miracle.

What are you grateful for today?

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