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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 120

I am very tired. Today I feel emotionally and mentally drained. I think it is because the world of education is overwhelming. No matter how many hours a teacher works, no matter how many time we write and re-write lesson plans and curriculum, no matter how much we sacrifice, it is not enough. Every week, every day, every hour, more is ask of the teaching population. I get that parents are stressed and that students are stressed over this whole situation, but newsflash, WE ARE TOO! I am ready to quite all social media because I am so tired of posts that complain about how teachers are doing. Dude! 2 of my fellow teachers in my school have died in the past 2 weeks and 1 additional one has had a stroke! We are doing the best we can do under the most impossible stipulations and mandates. At this point I have moved past beating a dead horse. I have moved past trying to drag it’s heavy carcass across the finish line. At this point I am sitting in the mud next to the dead horse asking it to walk itself across the finish line. Every one of my co-works looks about the same – every time I see them. This is moved passed “the year that taught us resilience” to “the year we see how many people we can push into retirement.” Seriously, I wonder if “they” want all educators to quite. I hate to point this out, but new educators are not prepared for the state of students. You think this is a train wreck… try starting over with no experience.

Okay, rant done.

Today I am thankful for my admin and my teacher friend who are trying their best to do the impossible!

Today I am thankful for the crock pot dinner John made.

Today I am thankful the dentist caught Lilli’s wisdom tooth issue before she had nerve damage… at least that is the hope.

Today I am thankful for the frozen sugar free cookie dough in the freezer… self medication at it’s best.

Today I am thankful for my hot tub! I am now going to go soak for a bit, take a shower, and hit the sack!

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