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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Days 141 and 142

I missed writing yesterday. I had the worst head ache. I came home and took Ibruprophen, did a family prayer and went to bed. My head hurt so bad I was nauseated. I didn’t succeed in my prayer study either. I couldn’t really think straight.

Yesterday I was grateful that Jenni came to do a dance rehearsal. That meant I didn’t really need to lead the rehearsal… which was good because I may have thrown up ion my mask if I had to dance.

Yesterday I was so grateful Jeff had Ibruprophen and was willing to give me his last two.

Yesterday I was grateful my RS peeps were willing to let me cancel our meeting and were willing to report in via an email.

Yesterday I was grateful for my friend John Hatch who came to help John give Lilli a blessing since she had surgery this morning to remove her wisdom teeth and it was possibly tricky.

Today I am grateful for a good start to my morning… even my hair looked pretty good. LOL.

Today I am grateful that John was able to take time off to take Lilli to the oral surgeon and to help soil her throughout the day. I am also very thankful for her friends Riley, Jocie, and her boyfriend Jordan, who all came to check on her, entertain her, and comfort her as her face wake up from the numbing. She may have been in pain, but she was pretty spoiled.

Today I am grateful that Jeff did the choreography for the scene we blocked today. He was so funny. I love how the scene turned out.

Today I am grateful that John was willing to make that yummy Indian spinach dish with naan. It smells really good!

Today I am grateful for sugar free chocolate from the mail.

Today for my prayer study it was pray for family and friends. This one is easier than some of the other focuses. Today I focused on the needs I knew about… #1 to have motivation for her book, #2 to be able to move forward with her new house and for health for the near future, #3 to have a successful day selling, #4 to feel successful in classes and for safety, and #5 healing from surgery and that there will be no nerve damage, which we won’t know until tomorrow when her face fully wakes up. I prayed for John to be able to focus on his goals and to feel successful in them… and that he would feel less stiff and old. I prayed for the needs of friends who I knew their need.

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