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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 180

Man I’m tired. At 1:00am I was wide awake… after staring at the ceiling and walls for an hour, I got up. I am thankful that I was able get all my grading done, at least the assignments students have turned in. Then I worked on the custom bears I have been commissioned to make before going to work.

Today I am grateful that I was able to learn new skills as I begin editing hours of footage. I spent all day – from 8 to 4 and from 8 to 10. I am grateful I was able to label footage for three days of filming. One more day to go… then real editing. Today I am grateful for my friend Josh who taught me about Adobe and would walk me through new skills.

Today I am grateful that we finally had a choir concert. I am grateful we could let kids sing outside on the football field for their friends and families. They have only have 4-6 rehearsals together this year. Still, it was amazing! I did get teary when Jeff got permission to invite the alumni to sing Old Irish Blessing with the choir. I couldn’t help but think of how all my other kids were able to sing with each other after they graduated, but Lilli missed that experience due to COVID and all of her sibling not able to come and see her perform because they most live far away. That chapter is now closed. No more kids in the high school program. I will go to concerts to run tech and to support my students, but no longer will I be listening to my own kids find joy in music. Today I am grateful that all of my kids spent at least a little time exploring the joy of music in their lives.

Today I am grateful for kids that stepped up to help cart sound back to the building and that Lilli and Jordan came to help put up all the sound for the concert.

Today I am grateful I got a hug from my friend Dani and that I got to chat with Jon and Jill too!

Today I am grateful that I was able to support the school efforts in suicided prevention.

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