Family Friday

A Little Bubbly!!!! 

This week our summer adventure included bubbles.  I’ve been putting it off because the weather has been unseasonably cool… and even rainy.  We decided to use a few dry moments and make bubbles.
AH!  The wonder!
Lillian loved making the BIG bubbles.
Case just wanted more and more bubbles.
I think they played for hours with bubbles….
Meanwhile, Hannah was creating a little bubbly of her own in the kitchen…
She followed the directions on the Root Beer box.  She boiled some sugar and water.  I wasn’t fast enough with a camera so I didn’t get a record of that part.
After it cooled, she pored her sugar water into a pitcher…
Added club soda… stirred…
Case waited impatiently…
And then we all enjoyed a little bubbly – home school style – on bubble day!
Originally posted 16th July 2011 by Wendy Boyack on Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe powered by Blogger.

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