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The Week at the Boyack’s – Week One 

My family is soon to be spreading out across the countryside.  Siblings and parents from Idaho to Utah, to Texas to Arizona and right here in Oregon, not to mention missionaries who are like family and friends that have moved far away, I decided it was about time that I started reporting what the family was up to on a more consistent basis… especially as my own kids begin to move out.  If I don’t make an effort I risk the reality that they will never really know each other.  I am the oldest of all my siblings and I moved out when my youngest sister was 5.  A few years later one of my sisters told me that I was more like a long lost aunt that showed up for holidays that I was a sister… totally my fault.  So to help my kids avoid the same fate I’m going to do my best to report what happened over the past week for a whole year.  Today I report on week one… June12-June 17.
Monday we returned from a camping trip at the coast (please see my previous post about Castle Camping.  We took the long way home and went to Newport, OR to see the big concrete and steel dock that floated across the ocean to sun bathe on the beautiful Oregon coast.  Once we got home we unloaded and started the laundry that last the rest of the week and fell into bed.
On Tuesday, Ray took McKay and  Myles to the airport.  McKay was going to “meet the family.”  Meanwhile, we continued laundry and cleaning up from the weekend of camping.  I also taught voice lessons, worked a dance concert rental and taught Institute.  It was a busy day.
Wednesday the laundry and clean up continued.  Hannah and Lillian and I went to Salem to see the set we built in action.  It was a real cute show.  I have to admit it was very satisfying to see my work on yet a different space.
The facility isn’t a very good space.   The lighting was flat… the sound… well it doesn’t  exist.  The 7th grade kids were cute, but we could hear most of what was said.
Still, We had fun.  Lillian liked finding all our names in the painting.  We even found a way to say that her name was hidden in the grass.  LOL
Thursday, John and Lillian went to the Daddy/Daughter dance up at the church.  Both of them were very tired, but they were able to have tons of fun together.
Meanwhile, since they were on their own date, I took Chad and Hannah to see Men in Black 3.  It was pretty darn good for being a sequel.  We had a good time.  I told them that the Ford Falcon the Will Smith was driving was like the car I got to drive in high school.  I’m not sure they believed me.  I told them that our Ford Falcon was powder blue and you had to push it to start it.  They thought that was funny.
Friday was nothing special, but Saturday we put the garden in.  It was a very warm day.  The kids were out late on Friday night at the drive-in so they weren’t up when I started.  John was helping me, but ran to do an errand.  It was too hot in the sun.  I started to get very sick.  I eventually went in and lost my lunch.  I sure wish I knew why heat effects me like that.  Still, with John, Hannah and Lillian helping, we planed tomatoes, winter squash, zucchini, green beans, spaghetti squash, cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, and potatoes.
Monday morning I will put in the root crops.  We decided to try something different with potatoes this year.  We are growing them in tire stacks and in old straw bales.  This should be interesting.  We also planted strawberries.  I’m hoping to get myself a producing berry patch.  Sadly, berry patches are disappearing around the valley.
The biggest news of Saturday is the McKay got engaged to Myles.  Although I am happy for McKay I am sad too.  I am sad that she will be moving far away… New Mexico.  I am sad at all the everyday things she is missing.  I am sad that she won’t get to see Hannah in shows.  I am sad that she won’t be canning or planting with me.  up to this garden, McKay was the only person that would work on it with me.  I am sad that we don’t talk much anymore.  That was the best part of planting a garden or canning peaches.  I am sad that she won’t get to see Lillian play soccer.  I am sad that she won’t get to see what Chad will do next.  I am sad that she will miss Ben getting bigger.   I’m sad that she will miss Kimber’s next baby.  But I’m happy that she is happy.  I am happy that Myles will put up with the crazy, opinionated, passionate family he will now be a part of.
I am happy that he is thoughtful and gave her the perfect ring for her.  It is pretty.  I don’t really know when the wedding will be… sometime this fall.  I’m sure that one of my week update real soon will be all about dates and times and parties.
Today is Father’s day and today John got the first suit he’s owned since we got married.  Myles and McKay pooled all the kids together to buy it for him.  It is a far better suit than the suit I tried to make him the first year we were married..   That thing was hideous.  I don’t remember what became of it, but I hoped I burned it.  Sad that that homemade suit cost more money (because of my do-overs) than this new suit.  He sure looked nice going to church today.  We also enjoyed a nice family dinner.  I sure love it when my kids agree to sit for 45 minutes and there is giggling involved!
He subbed in Primary today too.  This is how I play the piano in primary.  When Case is having a rough day his mom send him to me.  Today, he fell asleep.  I think it’s like an ab workout as I balance on the bench to play Primary songs.
Well that wraps up this week.  Let’s see what the next week brings!
Originally posted 17th June 2012 by Wendy Boyack on Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe powered by Blogger.

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