Stillness Illness

This past week was a week I should have listened to my own blog.

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

stillness illness

I have a serious case of “stillness illness.”  It is my habit to live life in a constant state of business. Work must be done.  Children must be chauffeured.  Friends and family need our attention.  Seriously.  I live a life that is a whirlwind of activity.

December is no exception.  I spend my time rushing around, stressing and wearing myself out.  There are lights and decorations to put up, parties, activities and concerts to attend, shopping to get done, gifts to be giving, cards and seasons greeting to be written and mailed… Yikes!  There is so much joy and cheer and… stress.  I find that my Christmas joy is often covered with a blanket of business and stress.  It is easy to loose joy.  I find myself using much of my time rushing around, not thinking what I ought to be, not what matters most.  There is no room for…

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