Adulting 101 – Remembering Bob the Builder – Basic Home Repair Tools

Hoping to help build stronger adults! Especially my own kids!

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

I spend my days teaching kids the basics of simple home repair tools.  You would be surprised how many teens and young adults don’t have the first idea of how to use a hammer, a drill, or even, to measure something with a tape measure.  I believe firmly that ever young adult should be able to swing a hammer, use a drill/driver, hang a picture with and anchor bolt or by finding a stud, and use a saw.


These are basic tools ever household should have and every young adult should be able to use.

You will be far more successful in any home repair project if you have the right tool and know how to use it.

The first thing you need to consider is quality… buy a good quality tool.  High-quality tools are not only safer to use, but most will last a long time when they are…

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