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#bethelight – Day 210

I’ve been thinking today how social media has made so many people “look” like their lives are perfect, like they are perfect. News flash. No one is perfect and no one has a perfect life. Today I decided to follow the counsel of President Russell M. Nelson and give up social media for 7 days. I won’t be giving up blogging, just the daily looking at Facebook or Instagram. It will be an act of kindness for myself, to avoid the bombardment of self comparisons and false ideal to hold myself up to. I hope that doesn’t stop people from reading my blog.

Anyway, I also thought that as an act of kindness I might share this… my life is far from perfect. I have heart aches. I have frustrations. I don’t always do things right the first time. I often find the need to stand up again, dust myself off, pick out life’s gravel and find the motivation to keep moving along. I am not skinny. My house is not clean. I don’t have my house decked out like some House and Garden magazine cover. My garden has weeds and my yard needs to be mowed. My clothes are clean but not fashionable. My hair is gray. My nose is crooked. I am often hot headed. I have used a curse word here and there. I often allow myself to be a door mat. I don’t always study my scriptures or pray effectively. I am clumsy and not good at sports or anything physical.

However, I try to be positive. I try to bring light into the world. I try to make a difference. I try to be obedient to God. I try to see the good in all experiences. For this, I am happy.

Besides, I am learning. I am growing. I am a work in progress.

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