#bethelight – Day 237

Gosh… WHAT A DAY!  A long day at work at CET.  A dentist visit. And then, out of the kindness of my heart… putting together a float for the theatre kids to be in the parade tomorrow.  Although, in hindsight, I’m not sure many of these kids care.  Sure, they want audience to come support them.  However, as a whole, they don’t really want to work to get them there.  I guess part of the problem is that many of them are manning booths trying to earn money for a trip to New York.  But there is a large majority who can’t be bothered.  I need to turn my attitude around or this can’t count as kindness.

1 thought on “#bethelight – Day 237”

  1. Let’s see… the kindness is found in the ahreeing to help with a last-minute-mitacle float and not bailing out on them.

    [BTW- If you weren’t so utterly stinking amazing at creating “Save-the-day-extraordinary-WHATEVERS”!!!, and so seldom to itter the phrase, “Too bad ya didn’t plan ahead”….ya might not have the chance (as often) to practice your amazing varieties of kindness.] Love ya!


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