Menu Monday

Food on the Road

It is harder than you think to get a normal veggie meals when you are not in your own house.  I spent the week visiting my daughter.  She did her best to provide meals that had veggie options.  It just wasn’t my normal menu.  And I didn’t get normal pictures either… so this is the best I can do to represent the kind of meals i had over my week visiting my daughter.

We had spaghetti with marinara sauce and salad for one day.  Lunch was veggies and hummus.

On a different day I ate left over salad and potato salad for lunch and we had tacos for dinner.  I had a nice veggie filling.

I had left overs for lunch and I made biscuits and gravy for dinner.  I just ate the biscuits and some salad.

Thursday we were ripping apart the kitchen so I only ate biscuits until dinner time.  We were so tired and couldn’t use the kitchen, so we ordered pizza.  She ordered a veggie pizza for me and a salad.

The next day we spent the whole day at an amusement park.  I ate hummus and veggies at lunch time and a salad from the park at dinner.  I splurged and ate Dole whip as a desert at the end of the day.

We were on the road all day on Saturday.  I mostly ate snack foods…. some hummus and veggies… some black pepper chips… some beet chips…. some pita chips with hummus and some hazelnut butter on mini pretzels.  Veggies and driving really don’t go together.

We got home late and we don’t shop on Sundays.  We didn’t really have food in the house.  However, my other daughter got some veggie pizza and some salad.  That’s what I ate on Sunday.  I also had some V-8 and some broccoli with veggie cheese.

So there was the week.  I am looking forward to my normal assortment of foods this week.  I am hoping to pack in the veggies!

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