LOVE is the Higher Law.

I am re-posting this because I lost my connection to Facebook.

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

This past week I answered a question for my missionary daughter about the living a higher law.

I gave it a ton of thought before I answered her.  I decided that living the higher law comes down to the two great commandments… Loving God and Loving your neighbor.  We are living the higher law when make these two commandments our standard to live by.Love-in-the-Bible

Living by the Spirit is a part of living the higher law.  If we put traditions and rules above seeking personal revelation, we may be missing the point of the higher law.  Sometimes people get hung up on “what is mentioned as a sin.”  It is simple.  Anything that separate us from God is a sin, whether it is mentioned in a conference talk as a commandment, a scripture, a pamphlet or some policy manual.  If doing the action leads us away from God, away from the…

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