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Powered by Plant for One More Week

The hardest thing about trying to follow Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live lifestyle is feeding my family.  No one really wants to eat the amount of plants I eat, nor do they save out the things I would usually eat for my food.  I can’t seem to find a balance of foods I will and can eat and foods they will and can eat.  As a result, I am really eating more of a plant-based diet at the moment, with plans to go full-fledged nutritionarian when I am no longer feeding 8 people who are not interested in my veggie diet but are interested in some of my veggies.  At this point, it is a matter of budget.

When I say plant-based diet I mean I eat a variety of things that are all plants… and sometimes an egg of a little dairy sneaks in.  I stay away from plant food “fragments” such as all purpose flour, sugar, oil, and junk food – even junk food made from plants (although sometimes all I can find is a cracker and something is better than nothing after 16 hours of no food).  I go after the WHOLE food. I even grind flour.

Some people tell me I am not getting enough protein.  News flash.  All plants contain protein, even rice and bananas.  Spinach and kale have nearly twice as much usable protein as beef, calorie for calorie.  And think about it, the hamburger got it’s protein from a plant.  So… by eating plants first, I am cutting out the middle man.  LOL.

Monday I ate a bean salad, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Kale and Spaghetti Squash (you can get the recipe here), and Veggie Jambalaya.


On Tuesday I had left over spaghetti and a few crackers for lunch.  I made Cajun vegan Sausage with Potatoes and green beans for dinner.  You can get that recipe here.  I put a little vegan ranch dressing here.


On Wednesday I ate Tortellini soup for lunch and I made Bubble and Squeak for dinner.  Bubble and Squeak is a cabbage, potato and sausage meal.  I just made my portion without the sausage.  I can’t say it was my favorite, so I won’t be sharing the recipe.  It used to be a family favorite – back when I ate meat too.  I will be looking for other ways to cook cabbage.


Thursday was a left over day.  The thing is, the people I live with just aren’t interested in the veggie meals I am making so I end up with tons of left overs.  I ate left over Veggie Jambalaya and left over Cajun Vegan Sausage and Potatoes and Green Beans.


I had the last of the sausage and potatoes left overs on Friday for lunch.  I was at the school late and my husband came to help me.  He brought me a veggie burrito and chips and salsa for dinner.


I left early on Saturday and I didn’t pack food.  Somewhere around 3 my husband brought me another veggie burrito.  Some days you only eat once… too busy.


Sunday was a chill day listening to General Conference.  I ate left over Jambalaya for lunch with a side of sugar free apple pie.  I don’t have a recipe yet because I totally made it up on the spot.  I boiled some apples and made a sauce… added some dried dates and dried cranberries and boiled it some more.  Then, I put the mixture in the blender and made it smooth.  I added a little cinnamon and nutmeg and then added a few spoonfuls to the apple slices I had in a pie crust.  It was so good!  I will need to try again and write it all down this time.  At dinner time my husband made me some sauted veggies.


Over all it was a good week.  I haven’t gotten in salads.  They are hard to keep around.  Salads are the veggies everyone will eat… if they are ready-to-make-and-eat.  However, I feel accomplished because I am eating plants and feeling okay.

So… that was my week eating a plant based diet.  Eventually, I will get back to the whole Eat to Live thing… when I’m not making food for the masses… and I’m not eating the same meal for days on end.  LOL.

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