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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 223

Long day with CET. Just got home. Things to be thankful for today.

RAIN! I love rain. I especially love it in July because, usually I am over hot at CET during this 3rd week of CET. I am so grateful the weather has been cool and bearable!

I am grateful that I funny old man Walmart work made me laugh today. He saw me buying 8 gallons of paint and offered me a job. LOL. I told him I only paint sets.

I am grateful that my sets are moving forward nicely. I am thankful for the parents that come to help.

I am grateful for the Lowe’s guy that helped me load wood and cement into my truck.

I am grateful that someone made dinner for the family and that there were leftover for my dinner.

I am grateful I was able to get some scriptures in this morning.

I am grateful that I got to take a minute and listen to Hannah rehearse for her concert thing this coming Saturday. I love all the funny faces she makes.

I am thankful for my truck. It’s a little worse for wear these days, but I can’t imagine doing my job without it.

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