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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 250

Today was a busy, yet good and productive day.

I am grateful I got some work down at school putting the classrooms together in the theatre department.

I am grateful that the first day of junior thespian camp went well. Lilli seemed to be a good leader and she had plenty of help, all of which is amazing.

I am grateful for the voice students I taught today. I sure love teaching them… I especially love the time I spent singing songs with Hannah.

I am grateful for my sister Anna. Today is her birthday. I remember when she was born. I loved carrying her around. I even dressed her up and took her to show and tell at school. She was an easy baby… well I guess my mom could have a different opinion. I just know that I loved to snuggle her. I an thankful that I got to call her for her birthday and catch up.

I am grateful that McKay’s family got to come play today and that Hannah was willing to get in the pool with them because I was teaching.

I am grateful that we had a nice chat with the missionaries tonight. They are real nice girls with good testimonies.

I am thankful that I sat and watched dancing with Lilli. She is so passionate about watching So You Think You Can Dance that is is almost as entertaining to watch her watch the show as it is to actually watch the show. LOL.

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