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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 263

Been a busy day of training for the new job today. Actually completed all of my SafeSchool things. I also worked on some curriculum and lesson plans. I’m kind of weird and can’t seem to write my curriculum map completely without thinking through every lesson plan and handout and assessment. I am almost done with one class. I have completed a different class. I still need to revamp one class… and then there are the classes for second semester and the future CTE ideas to go. My brain is tired. However, I am grateful for this new opportunity and I am praying that I don’t screw it all up. I am hoping that I do well enough to convince the powers that be that it is worth investing in CTE theatre program at my school.

I am grateful that our first music rehearsal went well. Its a super fun show. It is a little scary that we only have 30 rehearsal days until tech, but we can do it. I have confidence in these cool kids.

I am grateful for Ratatouille. It is delish! It is one of my favorite dishes.

I am grateful for Lilli and her effort to do well with her family scripture study assignment. She did a great job leading the discussion. I am also grateful that she is kind and even stopped in to check on McKay today on her way to her ortho appointment. McKay is a bit stressed because one of her staff members quit today which will leave her high and dry next week when Hannah goes to Arkansas. But Lilli is stepping up and helping her next week so it will be alright.

I am grateful that John came home from work today and worked a little on the “office” space. We have tons to do yet. I am okay that I won’t really be able to move into for awhile. I bet it will be around Thanksgiving or after. We just don’t have the time to work on it. But every little bit helps and someday I will have my office stuff out of my bedroom and my bedroom will be a peaceful place to just sleep. That will be nice.

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