Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Days 511, 512, 513, 514 and 515

What a week! I am behind in blogging because I am on this computer all day every day. It takes a ton to really get this distance learning thing off the ground. My classes are complicated to teach via the internet. In the classroom it is all hands on… hand on a lighting instrument, hand on lumber, hands on paint, hands on sound equipment, hands on a sewing machine. But kids don’t have lighting, lumber, paint, or sewing machines at home. Thus, I am needing to be super creative for the next 8 weeks. This week has been spent mainly doing the set up of my Google Classrooms, Google Page, etc. So… by the end of the day I am super tired of the computer and get up and leave my office before even writing a blog post.

I think this social distance thing is really hard on my teen the most. She is social. She needs her friends. I am learning more and more through this social distancing thing that I am content in the quiet. She is going crazy… a bit. Good thing she can get out of the house on bike rides and walks. She is gone for hours. I hope she is making good choices. LOL. I am grateful for her friends. I am grateful they rallied around her this week for her birthday.

This week I learned that #2 is moving soon. I will miss her and her little family. However, I am grateful that her husband got a new job with potential. We have been praying for that. I am grateful God answers prayers.

I am grateful that John is able to hop off his computer at the end of the day and do a few things around the yard. Right now he is working on a roof over the deck and moving the chicken coop. I am grateful that he is willing to do projects like that. I know he’d rather be hiking.

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