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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 20

Today I got up early and drove to Salem for the next installment of regular braces. The spacers hurt. The lady who removed them told me that the constant pressure on my teeth was causing a bruise like feeling. Yup. She’s right. I have not been able to chew for a week. So today, they removed the spacers and put on bands. They glued the top bands in place, but the replaced the spacers on my bottom teeth after they took impressions of the bottom teeth with the bands. They are making some wire thing that will hold my lower bit somewhat in place while they move all my teeth. My mouth still hurts. I had to eat a piece of cheese, chewing with my front teeth. I also learned that my molars are in bad shape. I have so too many large fillings due to my bite cracking my teeth that the orthodontist recommended that I get all of them crowned as soon as my ortho is finished. Swell… Still… today I am grateful for the new ortho. I like him. He doesn’t beat around the bush. He explains everything as he goes. I wish I had started with him.

Today I am thankful that I got all my grades pre this past week caught up. I’m getting faster at it. 🙂

Today I am grateful that I had some time to help down with the Food For All thing in the AG and Shop area of school. I spent 3 hours there today. I walked in and decided I couldn’t leave until 3 1500 pounds boxes of apples were bagged. Did that PLUS 3 1/2 bags of onions. My pecks are sore. My friends Abby C and Lynn T are my heroes. These two amazing women put their money and brawn where their mouth is. They are not ones to complain and not work. They work like crazy! Kids are hungry; let’s do a food drive. Kids need real work experience; let’s teach them. You need something for the play; let’s help you. We need flowers for graduation; lets grow some. Protests and corners are not for these two. They get in the trenches and teach kids how “to fish.” It makes me sad that so few go to help them. Normally they have the kids in their classes pack food. Not this year. No kids are allowed on campus. Yesterday I was there for 2 hours and only saw one other staff member. Today I saw 2 other staff members. Today I am grateful I have what I need. Today I am grateful I can give back to others.

I also had a couple crazy memories as I was picking through the parsnips. As I was scrapping slim off my hands and suddenly remembered digging through dumpster food. Yup. We went dumpster diving when I was a kid. My mom often did it by herself, but once in a while she would have us kids help. We were getting the food that Safeway through out for our pigs, I think. My memory was crazy. I remembered the smell of bleach mixed with the smell of veggies. It turns out Safeway didn’t want us to take the food so they poured bleach all over the food. Sad.

Today I am grateful for Lilli who made me tomato soup and grill cheese sandwiches for dinner. I needed soft food. Teeth hurt.

Today I am grateful that John is willing to do the dishes.

Today I am thankful for a little bit of Christmas spirit. Work did a Secret Santa thing. I got some yarn and a cute little sign. I have no idea who was my Secret Santa. Riley helped me deliver my gift to who I gave to. I’m glad she has already chosen a little sweater to crochet out of the crochet pattern book I gave her.

What are you grateful for?

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