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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 135

So much gratitude today!

This morning my thoughts on prayer focused on friends and family. I didn’t want it to be generic. I wanted to prayer for the things that were weighing on their minds and hearts. So I said a prayer to know who needed prayers and started texting. I kept the text simple. “I am working on a study in prayer. Today I am focusing and friends and family. Is there something I can pray for for you today. It can be simple.” I texted my husband. I texted my kids. I texted my parents. I texted my siblings. I texted Jo, and Josh and Jamie. Then I prayed harder to know who else might need extra prayers. I ended up texting the sisters I minister to, a student of mine and my friend who is a secretary at my school. The result was rejuvenating! 23 out of 26 people I texted answered me. It was powerful! Even those I was nervous to text responded. I was pleasantly surprised at their grateful responses with a simple request they felt they needed. Even more amazing, I got to witness many of these prayers answered today. People felt more confident. People felt stronger. People felt noticed. Today I am grateful for another amazing day with my study of prayer.

Today I am grateful that although stage crew bailed, technology was rough, the script wasn’t done, the prizes for the pageant lacking, it went well. I saw many miracles happen. I saw a beloved student rise to the occasion and handle set backs with courage and grace (she was one I asked what I could pray for today). Today I am grateful for the opportunity to not only coach her through this process, but that I even get to know her… and luckily, she is my daughter’s best friend.

Today I am grateful that I got to help a young lady discover her angelic voice. She sings tomorrow in pageant. It has been an honor to help her \and to coach her over the past couple of years. Today I am also grateful that Hannah has even joined us over a couple Zoom calls to help her as well. I am so proud of her.

Today I am grateful that I finally met a couple of my students. I know their names. I know their grade struggles. I just have not known their faces because cameras are rarely on. But Tuesday we begin in-person school and orientation has been over the \past couple days. I am grateful to be able to teach kids in-person.

Today I am grateful for Jeff’s help here and there throughout the pageant process and his willingness to step up and help me do a job that I am taking on that isn’t mine.

Today I am grateful for John getting us dinner.

Today I am grateful that John and finally have something we like to do together. We both seem to look forward to swim lesson time. It is fun attempting to teach him to swim.

Today I am grateful that I got to sit on the back deck and bask in the warm evening sun… like a lizard. LOL. I loved just rocking there with my eyes closed listing to my windchimes and the birds, soaking in the moment. It was perfect.

Today I am grateful for scripture study.

Today I am grateful for the answers God granted to the people I love and prayed for today.

What are you grateful for today?

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