Family Friday

A little music, fun treats, and an awe inspiring show 

Last Saturday I made the cool mom list… at least for a few hours. The son of a friend of mine, organised a music day at a local shop.  I dragged the kids to see the bands.  Our favorite was a Reggae band called Sol Seed.  They are from Eugene.  We loved them!  They play in Salem again this month at the Peace Festival.  Hopefully, we will find the time to go that weekend and hear them again.
Really… it’s not often I can make all the kids happy with one activity.  This one was a winner.  We even had dinner at the cafe while we listened.
McKay and her friend Delia were excited to get a picture with the “hot” band members.  It was good for McKay.  Not sure way, but she has been moping around for the last couple of days.  These men brought a smile to her face.
Tuesday was National Ice Cream sandwich day.  It was also Chad’s birthday AND we had the missionaries over for dinner.  I decided to mix it all up… HOME MADE ice cream sandwiches.  First I made the outside by putting cake batter in the waffle maker.
Then we put cookies and cream ice cream between two pieces of “waffle”…
… and enjoyed!
The missionaries gave the experiment two thumbs up!
Wednesday was National Watermelon Day.  We’ve had lots of watermelon lately and I wanted to try something new… So I made a watermelon treat!
Hannah helped me.  First we made a batch of rice crispy treats and mixed in two packages green Kool-aid and we pressed it into one of my large silver mixing bowls.  Then we made a second batch of rice crisp treat and mixed in two red packages of Kool-aid before we pressed it into the center of the mixing bowl.  After it cooled and set we turned it over onto the cutting board.
It wasn’t much to look at, but…
It was yummy!!!!
Last night John took me to see Les Mis for the second time.

Since the theater doesn’t allow cameras, we didn’t bring one this time.  I love the music and the story of how light can triumph in a dark world.  The production was good, but I liked the first production I saw 20 years ago.  Between the staging being different and a little more risque, and the whole mood being so much “darker” I began to really miss the original.  I did love the leads… except one.  Still it was so worth it.  Even if it wasn’t my favorite, it was a fantastic show.

Originally posted 5th August 2011 by Wendy Boyack on Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe powered by Blogger.

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