Family Friday

Reflections of One Beautiful Day 

One week…

Last week, Friday, March 18, 20011, my beautiful daughter Kimber married her best friend, Raymond, at noon.

The last of our family has left. We still have a few borrowed wedding items to hunt down, and our home has been cleaned (admittedly, it took 6 days to get it clean since my other daughters decided to switch rooms, paint and down size belongings), and most of the leftover broccoli has been eaten. It is over and to quote the line from the Father of the Bride, “It is funny how empty a house can get, isn’t it?” Even funnier since I still have 4 kids at home.

The weekend was beyond words that I can use to describe. We all felt the Lord’s amazing presence all week, but especially on the day of Kimber and Raymond’s wedding. The weather co-operated – considering it is March in Oregon – rain stopped for the pictures outside the temple. Thank you Lord for such a perfectly beautiful day….

Our family was surround by people who love us. How do I describe the love and support we all felt that weekend? Once again, there are no words to describe the feeling. My friend Shar, who came over from the coast to manage all the stuff for the party, made the reception amazing. My friends Amanda and Nancy made the delicious food; my 13 year old helped my friend Elizabeth with the amazing cake and cupcakes; and my friend Tiffani made some awesome party punch! My sister and her family came from eastern Idaho; my parents from Bend and brought my 85 year old grandma with (amazing in itself since she didn’t attend the majority of our weddings); and my brother and his family up from Corvallis. John’s parents flew in from Utah and his sister and most of her family drove from Utah; his other sister drove in from Boise. And then my two uncles and an auntie drove in from Utah. They have lived far away (New Zealand and Utah) for quite some time. AND, an aunt and cousin I haven’t seen in 15 years came. It was so exciting to see the across the hall. I’m sure many of the guests must have thought I was crazy as I squealed and hopped across the crowd to greet them. LOL. God has provided us with friends who travel from near and from far to celebrate with us. There are no words to express how thankful we are for all of these dear family and friends. We love each of you. Thank you Lord, for the love of our family and friends….

How does a Mother describe her emotions as she sees her oldest daughter get married? I have never done this before. All throughout the day, I would remember that little girl who graced our home with great joy and I was overwhelmed at the beautiful bride she was. Everything about the day – her hair, the dress, the flowers, the temple – was “so her.” Seeing Kimber as a bride took my breath away. Thank you Lord, for allowing me to be the Mother of this beautiful bride.

And then there is Raymond, this young man I prayed for since I learned of my pregnancy with Kimber. The man, Kimber met when she was six and became instant best friends with. How thankful I am for the good family that raised him and for his own commitment to Christ. How grateful I am to feel so safe trusting this fine man with the care of my daughter. There really is no one better to Kimber than Ray. I think it always has been this way. I can see how they compliment and complete each other. I remember how many times I encouraged Kimber to marry her best friend in the right place. It appears that God has had a hand in making this happen for them. Thank you Lord, for working in Raymond’s life to prepare him to be Kimber’s husband….

I am thankful for my husband John. We have had some rough times and it was a relief to sit peacefully in the temple and witness the marriage of Ray and Kimber. As Kimber and Raymond greeted guests, John and I shared a moment of thankfulness that God had kept us together. As we visited with family and friends – we felt so blessed. Thank you Lord for gracing our family with love, especially Your Love and peace. I am so thankful for the glimpse of heaven You provided at Kimber and Raymond’s wedding in so many ways. It was a perfect day because of YOU. 

The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.

Psalm 126:3

But now it’s time to get down to the business of health. I’ve really neglected it for too long. So I’m going to start over with my salad a day for a year. There was a couple weeks there where I missed getting one in. So… this time I’m going to post a picture of my salad for the day to keep me honest.

It is time to move onto the next “production” of life.

Originally posted 25th March 2011 by Wendy Boyack on Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe powered by Blogger.

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