Menu Monday

What Was For Dinner Last Week?

Well… I am still doing what I can to eat healthy and to kick myself off this weight-loss Plateau.  Everything remains the same.  GAH!  Oh well.  It isn’t really about the weight loss.  It’s about a healthier me… although a few less pounds would be nice and would go a long way in helping me get off meds that I really don’t want to be on for the rest of my life!

So,  Breakfast looked a lot like this:

32 ounces of warm water with vinegar and lemon juice.

A smoothie or stir “fried” veggies.

Lunches looked a lot like this:

a salad and/or cabbage soup.  You can click here to get my cabbage soup recipe.

Dinners were  the following:

One day I made roasted veggies over grits.  I just used the leftover Brussels Sprouts, mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers.


One day I made Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Carrots over Quinoa.  Click here for the recipe.


One day we made Puttanesca Rigatoni and green beans.  Click here for the recipe.  This made enough that we had dinner ready to go for the next night too.


Friday was date night.  John took me to Mexican food and I got a vegetarian fajita dish.


I decided to fast for religious reasons on Saturday.  There are many things pressing on my mind and heart I needed to implore God through fasting and prayer.  I may be doing that more often because I am determined to find answers to the questions and issues that are weighing me down.

On Sunday we made a taco salad.  I made mine with Morningstar protein bites.  I also enjoyed some yummy mango salsa with this salad.


So… there is my week.  I actually did fairly well in the eating department.  Still, I am going on 9 weeks now with now weight change.  Come on body!  Get with the program!





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