Menu Monday

57 weeks of Nutriarian Life style

It has been 403 day since I started my nutritiarian life style.  That makes this past week week 57.  I am super proud of how this has been the longest I have ever stuck to any health improvement plan I have ever tried.  Go me!

I have been very good about keeping it plant based.  I just need to work on making every calorie count high in nutrition.  For example… I should give up tortillas, vegan cheese, pita bread,  and the occasional yogurt or olive oil.

I feel so much better since I’ve given up SAD (Standard American Diet).  I feel tons better on a plant based diet.  I know.  Most people think I’m nuts.  Maybe. But, at least my joints don’t hurt as much.  In fact, I tried adding a 30 minute walk to my day for 5 days last week and my feet, ankles and knees all were fine… a first in a very long time!  In fact, it went to well I decided to add 30 minutes of yoga this morning.  Take that, body that would not tolerate exercise.

I struggle a little with prepared foods.  I mean, I am eating veggies, but I often go for the prepared salad because my time at home is so limited,  Food preparation time is hard to come by.  That will be the next thing I tackle.  In fact, I put “dinner” on my personal calendar so that I won’t schedule voice lesson and other activities during the time I should be preparing and consuming nutrient rich food.  I am hoping that summer, with the veggies and fruits fresh from my garden or the farmer’s market, will help me steer away from the pre-prepared foods and build new habits.  It is clear that only a diet style rich in colorful vegetables, raw or cooked, makes me feel better, and lose the pounds.

I’m saying I’m going to go all extreme.  I’m just saying that I am going to make a conscience choice to eat lots of natural plant foods.  I’m going to increase greens, tomatoes, berries, beans, seeds, and mushrooms.  I’m going to eat more fruit, squashes, peas, lentils, and nuts.  I’m going to eat less breads, potatoes and white rice.  I’m going to eat more whole grains.

Well… that being said… this is what I ate this past week.  Oh… and I am still eating the 16:8 eating plan.  Monday I ate a smoothie I made with frozen fruit, spinach, a banana, dandelion, and super greens, a salad with chopped bell peppers and tomatoes, and a bean burrito Made with veggie cheese instead of real cheese.

Tuesday I ate the same smoothie, a “taco” salad with greens, cabbage, tomatoes, and tortilla chips, and baby bak choy and tofu.

Wednesday I ate pita, hummus, artichoke hearts, onions, roasted peppers. cucumber slices and tomatoes.  I also added a little sauce made with Greek yogurt.  I enjoyed some homemade split pea soup I flavored with a little curry and coconut milk.

Thursday I ate the same smoothie, a salad with greens, kale, cucumbers, and a boiled egg, and a bowl of split pea soup.

Friday I had a smoothie, a spinach salad with tomatoes, dried cherries, almonds and pumpkin seeds, and a kale and cabbage salad.

Saturday was a busy day.  I ate a small smoothie.  I took my daughter to the Pita Stop and I ate a veggie pita with vinegar for the dressing. I also tried some veggie tots we found at the grocery store.  We tried veggie tots, broccoli tots, and sweet potato tots.  They were tasty, but maybe not the best choice.  🙂

Sunday I had a small smoothie, an eggs baked in marinara sauce, a pasta salad with lots of bell peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, green onions, and carrots, watermelon, and a veggie burger with a slice of tomato, avocado, lettuce, and Dijon mustard.

So… that was my week.  How has your progress toward better help going?


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