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4 Weddings and No Funeral… Which Show is Which?

I had a fun time with a few of my Thespians over the Independence Day celebration.  They decided to enter a float for the annual 4th of July parade.  I was tired of the “float” we had done for the past few years.  I just didn’t want to get out the Cinderella pumpkin carriage once again.  So… I dreamed up a new “look” for our float that could help us announce our up coming season without completely declaring all of the shows on our season. (We have to wait until August 1st to officially declare the first show on our season due to licencing rights).

I was planning on making a curtain thing for a show I am working on at CET.  It had this wedding vibe about it and my inspiration was born!  Four Wedding and No Funeral!  One of our shows has “2 weddings,” a different show features a wedding, and yet, an different show has a wedding.  It was perfect!

On Saturday I rounded up a couple kids and we started putting together the idea.  They helped me drag down all the plants we had in prop storage.  We made a sign featuring my goofy slogan to sit in the back of my truck.  We painted planter pots to match the theme and painted a few platforms so that I could screw things down to secure them.

When I got home my husband helped me build a structure out of conduit pipe, plumbing fittings and an old 4×4 we cut to make joints.  I am pretty sure the guy at the hardware store thought I was a crazy woman.

Then, we hung white sheer curtains on the pipe structure and secured it to the platforms.  We added vines and flowers to complete the look.  I’m telling you, people are going to want to borrow this for weddings.  It turned out very pretty.

Then, I dressed up the kids in wedding attire.  I went to Goodwill to find dresses that were appropriate for the shows we were representing.  We had the “mystery” show, Fiddler on the Roof, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream… each show with a wedding that we are planning on during our up coming season.  The kids looked great!  I added a funny young man in a wedding dress and on roller blades to attack attention.

It worked!  First, the kids were awarded ribbons for “Best Youth Entry” and “Best Effort.”  We posed for pictures and were excited that we earned ribbons again.  Then, I was ask to gather them up again.  This time we were awarded with our third ribbon, “Grande Prize Winner!”  Too bad I was too busy to notice that they left the “e” off their sign.  LOL!

They were a hit on the parade too!  People clapped and cheered.  They sang along with the Broadway tunes we were blasting from the float. (They were a major hint as to what shows are planned for the season.

I sure love these kids.  They are awesome.  They work hard.  They are passionate.  Not only did they walk the 3-4 mile parade route, they manned 3 different fund raising booths in an effort to earn money for the up coming Thespian trip to New York City to see Broadway shows.  I sure hope the people in the community continue to support these unique and dedicated kids throughout their theatre season!


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