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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 267

More and more, every day, I am seeing the wisdom in this statements.

Today I am grateful for a clean house. Lilli was a big help. She got the main part of the house straightened up and even shampooed the family room carpet all before going to the grocery store and hosting a party for the thespian troupe.

I am grateful that the thespians seemed to have a good time and made their friendships stronger with their little bonding activity of a pool/hot tub party.

I am grateful for John who worked all day on the office so I could work on school lesson plans.

I am grateful progress with the school lesson plans. I only have one more class to finish and then I will be completely ready for first semester.

I am grateful that Hannah and Chad are having a good time visiting people for the next week. Chad is visiting a friend in Washington D.C./Maryland. Hannah is visiting her mission because someone she taught is going through the temple and she was invited. They both look like it was well worth the investment in their little vacations.

I am grateful for the Savior and His healing power. Everyone of my relationships with others is better because of the Savior. Where would I be without Him? A very sorry stage, indeed.

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