An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 138

Today my prayer study was centered on gratitude. One thing I have learned over the past few years as I have kept a gratitude journal is that as I express gratitude, appreciation affects my out look for the day. It was a great reminder that life doesn’t just happen to you. You happen to life. There is power in expressing gratitude.

It gets me thinking… could the first sin simply be ingratitude for what God offers us? Satan wanted more… more power… more glory. Cold the Fall be linked to a dissatisfaction in God and what He gives? We hunger for more… I recognize that more does include wanting to be like God. But I also recognize that Jesus had it all, yet He demonstrated gratitude for all that His father provides. He even expresses gratitude for trials and growing opportunities.

This led me to recognizing my need to express gratitude for the hard things in life. Trails lead to growth. Growth leads to perfection. There IS power in expressing GRATITUDE!

It was as simple as, “thank you for protection. Thank you for providing me a beautiful home a nd a beautiful yard. Thank you for the people who serve my community every day. Thank you for family and friends. Thank you for flowers and nature including singing birds in the morning and tulips and my veggie garden. Thank you for the opportunity to have an exercise pool in my yard and for the fun time John and I have in in. Thank you for providing food and for clothing. Thank you for improving health. Thank you for hugs from Lilli. Thank you for helping me find a missing chair and 2 missing chrome books. Thank you for cars that work. Thank you a day for singing and tons of music. Thank you for my friend Jamie. Thank you for toilets and plumbing. Thank you for running water. Thank you for Gorilla tape. Thank you for a heater in my teaching space. Thank you for good soil. Thank you for a deck to “zen” on. Thank you for technology to do my job.

An attitude of gratitude focus on prayer also led me to ask the question, “What went right today?” There was some things at work I wasn’t too pleased with. However, there were some things I really liked as well… somethings that went well… like finding the chrome books… chatting with a dear co-worker on the way into the building… like getting all my assignments posted… like helping Jocie… like Lilli and Jordan bringing me Dutch.

God is good. It most definitely makes a questionable day far more tolerable. In fact, it brings in joy.

Today I am thankful employment.

Today I am grateful for John making dinner.

Today I am grateful for Facebook live so I can see Lenayah play softball.

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