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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 169 and 170

Many things to be grateful for…

Today I am grateful that the ortho office allowed me to reschedule because I was running very late.

Today I am grateful that I was in a position to pick up a couple extra hours at work.

Today I am grateful for the “people like your ideas” comments I received. A bit overwhelming, but nice, all the same.

Today I am grateful that Jocie came to help with sound for Senior Awards. I am also grateful that we were able to solve our problems just in the nick of time and to even fix the problems with the sound on Youtube live. I am also grateful for Riley, Karl, and Hannah who helped put crap away and for Ed and Zack who moved things for me all day… and who let me drive the Gator. That was fun.

Today I am grateful that I got to give Thespian Cords to my little Thespians. I will miss this group. I am sad that this year has not been what anyone dreamed it could be, but I am profoundly grateful that Jeff and I found a way to make something happen for these amazing students.

Today I am grateful for Lilli… and for those who awarded her with scholarships and awards… She came home with Drama honors, Community College paid for, additional scholarships and high honors. I am proud of her.

Today I am grateful that Hannah and Karl were able to come celebrate Lilli with us.

Today I am grateful that Lilli and Hannah got to go thrifting together and were able to find a cute outfit for graduation… and that they got to the beach yesterday… and that Hannah helped Lilli through a stressful moment…. and that Lilli overcame fear and took care of a few creatures on her own.

Today I am grateful that my music choices for the Senior Awards was noticed and appreciated. People stopped and commented that they loved the diversity and that many in the community felt represented.

Today I am grateful that Jeff got me a tasty burrito and that Hannah made tasty black bean burger.

Now, I am grateful for my bed. Time to sleep! Morning will be here far too soon.

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