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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 172

Today I am grateful for this amazing human. Today Lillian graduated from high school. COVID made senior year a huge disappointment. The main reason for going to public school in the first place was to be social… then COVID hit and we were all isolated at home. Who knew that plays were not going to happen in the normal way, classes would be on line, concerts were out, all seasons of sports would be played in the spring over 2 months, no real homecoming or prom, Pageant would be virtual, and graduation would be touch and go when this class walked out of the school March 13 over a year ago? School was a struggle for teachers and students alike as we all navigated through several grading systems, teaching platforms, and protocols. But we all squeaked through. Lilli continues to amaze me. She is a blessing… a miracle.

Today I am grateful that Jocie hung out with most of the day and learned techie things.

Today I am grateful for Jeff helping lift things and getting me drinks, setting up sound, and keeping me laughing.

Today I am thankful for Josh who made the blending of my sound and his video seem seamless for Graduation… plus, he is cool!

Today I am thankful for a cool boss who came out to “hide” for a bit and was fun to chat with and who even bought Jocie and I Dutch drinks.

Today I am thankful that graduation went very smoothly.

Today I am thankful that McKay and Myles arrived safely.

Today I am thankful that Hannah and Lilli cleaned the house so we are ready for the party on Sunday.

Today I am thankful for decent weather all day.

Today I am thankful for answers to prayers.

Today I am thankful that Kimber took pictures. She takes awesome pictures and I am always busy working… thus, she saved the day!

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