Family Friday, Theatre Thursday

Practically Perfect in Every Way 

(Thanks Disney for letting me “borrow” these pictures from the Internet since we couldn’t take any in the theater). Mary Poppins is in town… well in Portland.  John and I had planned to go because we have season tickets to the Broadway series.  But we were looking for birthday present ideas for McKay and Hannah and a huge memory like a Broadway show.  Thus, we exchanged our date for a family adventure.  We got tickets to Mary Poppins for McKay and Hannah and even changed our seats and the date we would see it so we could all go together.

Yesterday, my plan for Lillian fell through.  I didn’t have somewhere to send her for the evening.  Chad isn’t helpful in these matters.  I needed Plan B.  John told the ladies at work about the predicament.  I also told them that Lillian had seen that her friends the Shinkle girls had gone to see Mary Poppins and really wanted to go see it for herself.  A ticket (we get the cheap seats) was the same amount as hiring a babysitter so he called the theater and got an extra ticket.  He was lucky enough to get a seat real close to the other four we had.
I told Lillian to put on a clean shirt and to get in the car.  She was full of questions and guesses as to where we were all going.  All the way up the freeway she guessed: the mall, the Gilbert House (a kids museum), the zoo.  She was going crazy!  The rest of us were having too much fun at her expense.
We parked across the street from the theater.  Huge signs were everywhere.  She never noticed them.  We were all giggling.  Finally, she noticed what building we were walking up to.  She was speechless!  That was so worth it!
We all loved the play.  It is so much different than the movie.  At first, it stress Lillian that they were messing things up.  She kept asking how they did things… breaking “set” pieces, flying people and things and TAPPING ON THE CEILING!  The choreography was fun and the songs, even the added music, kept our toes tapping.
I’d say this qualifies for the summer to remember activity list!

My favorite dance was step in time.

Bert was my favorite character.  He was actually the understudy, but man, he was good!

I loved how they changed up the sidewalk art at the park.  The dancing statues were the best, although they did stress out Lillian.  She thought they were naked people.  LOL.


Originally posted 8th July 2011 by Wendy Boyack on Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe powered by Blogger.

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