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Some weeks you win… some you don’t

This week was crazy busy.  I had a concert every single night.  I had a hard time getting health food for myself every day.  I have to admit, I didn’t make the right choice every time.  Now, don’t go thinking I fell off the wagon and dove into sugar and a carnivorous lifestyle.  I didn’t go eating fast food.  I just ate a few things that are not generally on the menu.  I also ate way to late in the day.  I paid for that choice.  I often had a hard time sleeping and my gut began to ache by the end of the week.  This coming week is a low key.  I will be able to make all kinds of food at home.  I am looking forward to healthy, leisurely eating!

This week I can focus on my health.  This week I can focus on what Dr. Fuhrman says, “Your health is predicted by your nutrient intake divided by your calorie intake.”  This week I have a plan to focus on nutrient dense foods.  It’s not like I count any thing.  I don’t count calories.  I don’t count fats.  I don’t count proteins. I just try to eat foods that are high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals.

I am determined to slow down the aging process, reduce inflammation, and to feel better.

I am determined to change my food preferences.

I am on my way!

So… Monday I ate sauted green beans and mushrooms for breakfast, leftover Italian bean soup for lunch (click here for the recipe) and a vegan version of a quesadilla for dinner.  I am still working on perfecting the recipes, so I will posts those later.

On Tuesday I started my day with a green smoothie.  I had a simple salad for lunch and I made spaghetti pie for dinner.  It really was simple.  Quick and dirty.  I just put noodles in a pan and covered them with spaghetti sauce and veggie cheese.  Again, that concert in the evening limited my time for making dinner.

Wednesday I ate a bit of a veggie stir fry for breakfast.  I had my Cabbage Soup for lunch (click here for the recipe).  I needed something super easy for dinner.  I needed my reluctant 14 year old to make dinner.  We went with a simple tortellini soup.  Really.  It’s easy.  Dump two boxes of tomato soup in the pan and add a box of tortellini.  Not the most nutrient dense, but it is something the teen who isn’t willing to cook will make.

Thursday started with a mixed berry smoothie.  I ate a salad for lunch and salad for dinner.  Again.  A concert.  My husband helped and made a taco salad for the family.  He brought me my dinner at work.  He gave me greens, tomatoes, black beans, olives, corn and salsa with a hand full of corn tortilla chips.  It wasn’t half bad.

Friday was a busy day that started early.  I had some leftovers from the fridge for breakfast as I dashed out the door.  I had a salad for lunch.  Dinner was late and I had more left overs.

Saturday morning I was too tired to think about food before I left the house early (before anyone got out of bed).  I ate a cliff bar. (sheepish grin).  For lunch I ate a yummy salad with cabbage and seeds.  I had to work late, again, with one more concert.  When I got home I was too tired to think and I made some ramen before climbing into bed.  Bad choice.  I really couldn’t sleep.  oops.

Sunday is always a busy day.  I got up late and didn’t eat breakfast.  I ate potatoes for lunch before dashing out the door for a second church service.  When we got home We made burgers for family and friends.  I ate a veggie burger.  My family had “beast” burgers.  I also made a simple cabbage salad with apples.  Later in the evening my husband made me tofu pudding (click here for the recipe).

Now I am on to a new week… a more relaxed week.  I am hoping I make better choices this week.

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