#bethelight – Day 169

Since yesterday was earth day, I decided to spread light today by working in my garden.  Flowers bring a smile to my face.  They have to bring a smile to the faces of others as they pass my house. 🙂  So I spent a little time cleaning up the yard.  It's a breathe of fresh… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 169

Menu Monday

57 weeks of Nutriarian Life style

It has been 403 day since I started my nutritiarian life style.  That makes this past week week 57.  I am super proud of how this has been the longest I have ever stuck to any health improvement plan I have ever tried.  Go me! I have been very good about keeping it plant based. … Continue reading 57 weeks of Nutriarian Life style

Scripture Sunday

Thoughts on Symbolism

I have been fascinated with symbolism for much of my adult life.  I decided that I'd do a study on symbolism for a little while. Symbols are a timeless, universal language. God often speaks to us through symbols. I want to be more literate in the things of the Spirit and more fluent in the language of symbols. Today I was… Continue reading Thoughts on Symbolism


#bethelight – Day 168

Today is Earth Day.  It is celebrated in 184 countries to promote a healthy environment and a peaceful planet.  It's a great day to give thanks for for this wonderful world God has provided for us with all its nurturing nature, bounty, and beauty.  Since it is the Sabbath I won't be running around to… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 168

Family Friday


I really have been bad about taking pictures these past couple of weeks.  I've had to search Facebook, Instagram, John's Flicr, and my phone to find some pictures that represent what has been happening with all of the peeps of the Boyack House. It's spring!  We have even had sunny days!  John has started some… Continue reading Spring!


#bethelight – Day 167

Day I saw someone from the community that I had noticed at the play last night.  This man has had health issues in resent years that have landed him a wheel chair.  Today, we were both attending a sports awards.  He looked a little lost and alone so I walked over to him.  I mentioned… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 167


#bethelight – Day 166

Support local theater!  Today I am going to see a little production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang produced by AIM at the local Baptist church.  We all need each other in this theater business.  Heck!  We need each other period!  Supporting and cheering on others in their activities help us to grow and to become… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 166

Warrior Wednesday

Warriors Never Quit

Okay... I will admit.  I have been a little discouraged with this weight loss thing. I have been around the same weight for 4 months now.  I have so many more pounds to lose to be in the "safe" zone.  I am eating well... look at my Menu Mondays.  I am doing what I can… Continue reading Warriors Never Quit

Theatre Thursday

Building a Diverse Theatre

My latest project is to, somehow, build diversity in our theater program.  I truly believe that every student in America deserves access to the arts in their school.  I believe theater can directly and positively impact a student's academic performance and career preparedness.  Yesterday a tech student sat down next to me, "I love theater,"… Continue reading Building a Diverse Theatre


#bethelight – Day 165

Today I am hosting an Usborne book party.  My daughter is an Usborne book consultant, so hosting a party helps her out.  I also decided to "pay-it-forward" and to host the party to benefit someone else.  First, I love to read.  I learned to read late.  I struggled learning to read.  At third grade I… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 165