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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 132

Usually, Conference Weekend is my favorite weekend of the year. This Conference Weekend I didn’t get to listen much to conference. I was at the State Thespian Conference on Saturday. I had brought my headphone to listen to the sessions in the lobby… but they weren’t charged and then the internet went down. On Sunday I chose to support a friend at her church play (I really was thinking of it as a missionary thing because it would be a trade of ideas, but it didn’t turn out that way). I am thankful that I got to listen to the Sunday morning session and half of the Sunday afternoon session.

I am grateful that we got to see McKay, Myles and the kids for dinner. We haven’t seen them all week so it was fun to have them over for a little bit.

I am grateful that Lilli listened to conference with me.

I am thankful that my dad is home…. again. And that it appears that he is on the mend.

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