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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 133

Today I am thankful for morning scripture study. So many good reminders to share my faith and testimony with others. So many good reminders that we should love God and His message more that we worry about what others think.

Today I began a study in prayer. I got a book called the 28-day Prayer Journey. I Needed something to help me focus my thoughts and to help me develop prayer habits. Today’s focus was on wants and need. In the morning I made a list of wants. The sky was the limits. At lunch time I added a list of needs and compared them to the wants. In the evening I made a list of wants for others. I wrote them down, like I was taking notes so that I would have a good focus when I went to have a conversation with God. The amazing thing is that it worked! I felt so much more energy throughout the day. I felt like I was more successful in remembering the Lord throughout the day. I felt like I was given answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. In all, it was an awesome day!

Today I am grateful for the gentle reminder to be present in the moment. To be mindful in all the things I am doing.

Today I am grateful that I successful finished my grades today and even posted assignments for next week in a couple classes. Tomorrow I will be able to focus on choreography for the rehearsal I will be blocking in the afternoon and finishing posting assignments for next week.

Today I am grateful for the thoughtfulness of my friend Rachel, offering a mask that could help with breathing while at work… and the custodian who came to see if he could do anything else to help get my room ready for students, and the admin team who came to chat about assigning me to get music in the halls for crossing times and for making the time out square outside my room. Today I am grateful for the comradery I have with my friend Jeff and for the way we work together and support each other.

Today I am thankful for the nice people at the orthodontist office. My upper teeth are a little sore now, but the lower ones are fine because they didn’t change the wire.

Today I am thankful for the sunshine and the beautiful spring plants. Once again, I was completely distracted on my drive to and from Salem for ortho.

Today I am thankful for a yummy Greek meatball salad that John and Lilli worked together to make. Super yummy!

Today I am thankful time to swim after dinner with John… and a soak in the hot tub after… and a good shower… and brushing out my hair. There were tons of snarls. LOL. But it is smooth and nice now… just in time to be a hot mess after I sleep.

Today I am thankful that Lilli had a good birthday with friends. Her energy was low today, but she kept on going.

Today was a great day. I feel blessed. Tomorrow should be an awesome day to! Right?

What are you grateful for today?

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