Menu Monday

58 weeks and counting!

Week 2 of intermittent fasting using the 16:8 eating style.  Interestingly, I have plenty of energy.  I think I actually feel better without a constant surge insulin coursing through my body with snacking and small meals throughout the day.  There is something to this… for my body at least.  The scale?  That is still a work in progress.

Here is what I ate in my 8 hour window on Monday….

A salad and a banana for lunch; vegan mac and cheese and a large salad for dinner.

On Tuesday I finished the pasta salad and loaded up a few extra veggies and left over watermelon… not the best choice when I am working on cutting dietary sugars, but I just can’t let food waste.  For dinner I had tomato soup and a large salad.

On Wednesday I had a salad with a side of hummus for lunch.  For dinner I had tortellini soup and a large salad.

Thursday I had a southwestern salad for lunch.  I didn’t make the wisest choice for dinner and only ate for broccoli tots.

On Friday I ate a large salad for lunch and an orange.  I made a veggie pizza for dinner.  I had a side of avocado and cucumber slices with that yummy meal.

On Saturday I had a spinach salad and an egg over cooked cabbage for lunch.  I had some broccoli tots too… For dinner I had Moroccan Lentil and Chickpea soup and some fry bread.

Sunday’s lunch was a nice bowl of Moroccan Lentil and Chickpea Soup.  We made kabobs for dinner.  Mine just had veggies on them.  We ate that over rice.

I have come to the conclusion that I need to do better at cutting things that are immediately digested into blood sugars… the pasta, pita, and rice ingredients need to go.  Somehow I need to get the fat-burning gene to turn on.  I’ve gotten so good at storing potential energy and have forgotten how to use that stored potential energy.  come on body!  It really is safe to use the stored energy.  I am safe.  I am not in a state of emergency here.  🙂

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