#bethelight – Day 60

I tried hard to dish out heart felt compliments all day yesterday.  It is amazing.  People smile.  Moods changes.  Lights glow from faces.  All from little compliments! Today I prepped for my week of meals.  Today I spread the light with healthy food.  I am working on lightening the load of food prep during the… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 60

Menu Monday

Menu Prep Done!

Meal prep for the week done! ... except the ratatouille on on the stove ready to go in the oven. I am looking forward to some yummy veggie meals this week. We like Chinese food for New Year's Eve so I have veggie pot stickers ready to go and a Chinese chicken salad (tofu for… Continue reading Menu Prep Done!


Christmas is Coming

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

It has been a fairly relaxing week of getting ready for Christmas.  It started with lots of cleaning up and laundry.  Not much is picture worthy in that.

Meanwhile, John went to Springville to visit family for the week.  He went to visit and to help his siblings with some family things.  He helped his parents do a few things in the their new living arrangements.  He helped his siblings with a couple things at the family home.  He also got to hang out with McKay and her family.

Meanwhile, at home, Lillian’s choir got to sing “back up” for an opera singer who came to do a Christmas concert in our auditorium.  It was a nice event.  It was fun to hear them sing and to hear the beautiful music shared that evening.

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Some weeks you win… some you don’t

The weeks before Christmas were a challenge, but I made it!

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

This week was crazy busy.  I had a concert every single night.  I had a hard time getting health food for myself every day.  I have to admit, I didn’t make the right choice every time.  Now, don’t go thinking I fell off the wagon and dove into sugar and a carnivorous lifestyle.  I didn’t go eating fast food.  I just ate a few things that are not generally on the menu.  I also ate way to late in the day.  I paid for that choice.  I often had a hard time sleeping and my gut began to ache by the end of the week.  This coming week is a low key.  I will be able to make all kinds of food at home.  I am looking forward to healthy, leisurely eating!

This week I can focus on my health.  This week I can focus on what Dr. Fuhrman says…

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I love that God teaches me with symbols! Everything points to Him! I love every discovery that I make!

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

So much to think about today!

Today I taught a lesson in Sunday School about symbolism.  We had a great discussion.  The kids were very engaged.  I will talk about what we talked about in another blog on a different date.  But I do want to address symbolism.

I have been fascinated with symbolism for much of my adult life.

Symbols are a timeless, universal language.

God often speaks to us through symbols.

I want to be more literate in the things of the Spirit and more fluent in the language of symbols.


Today I told my Sunday School students that God has given us reminders of Him and His Plan all around us.  I encouraged them to look for these reminders and symbols.

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Family Friday

Wrapping up 2017 at the Boyacks

What a great week!  John returned from visiting his parents.  His mom gave him this beautiful tea cup owned by his Great Grandma Lillian Brockbank.  He had a good visit with his family.  The last lunch he ate with his dad was a memorable lunch.  As he was entering the lunch room, he witnessed a… Continue reading Wrapping up 2017 at the Boyacks


#bethelight – Day 59

Yesterday we had fun making memories making cookies and helping with our friend, JenniLynn's wedding open house. Today is a busy day with a couple dental appointments and I promised my girls I'd take them to a movie. Today I will practice kindness by finding opportunities to give compliments. It costs nothing, takes no time,… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 59

Theatre Thursday

Off Book Tutorial

All of my little actors will be in the full swing of rehearsals next week.  We will be diving into blocking and dance rehearsals.  "Off book" is in 2 weeks.  It's time to work on getting the lyrics to songs and the lines of their scenes down! Many young actors struggle with memorization.  However, learning… Continue reading Off Book Tutorial


#bethelight – Day 58

Today, while I am still relaxing from a busy school schedule, I thought of a way to spread light... "Tis the season to spend time with people I love! Today we are making memories... making memories spending time together... making memories making cookies for a friends wedding reception... making memories putting away Christmas decorations... Before… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 58


A Warrior Trusts God

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

Today for Warrior Wednesday I decided to go with a bunch of memes.


I find this is to be a truth for most of us.  We want to see before we make a move in new directions.  Faith is stepping, then seeing.

A Warrior trusts God.


This is the real truth.  When we are brave, when we take that step, when we trust God… we see.  We see Him in everything around us.

A Warrior sees God around her.


Again, faith!  I have to admit, I rarely understand where He is leading me.  However, I trust Him and I trust His plan! … even if I do worry.

A Warrior trusts God!


I am working on letting go of worry.  I really don’t see a need for me to take over His job.  I am still struggling to master my job!  I find myself stressing out… holidays are no exception!

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