#bethelight – Day 281, 282, 283, and 284

Snap!  The past few days have been a whirl wind! Thursday my act of kindness involved helping my daughter paint her kitchen and put her house back together after the chaos.  I also took my youngest daughter shopping, even though we were both exhausted. Friday we took the whole family to an amusement park.  I… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 281, 282, 283, and 284


#bethelight – Day 280

Today I witnessed great kindness. My son was the perfect example of kindness this morning as he comforted his over whelmed sister. He hugged her and reassured her that she was normal and that she could handle the trials she dealing with. He assured her that he was there to help. It warms this old,… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 280

Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior is Persistent

So... this week I am visiting one of my daughters and her family, and my son who lives with them. I am not necessarily the adventure type. I don't "go on vacation." When I travel away from my home, I go to be with and to help family. I am just not the run-around-the-countryside kind… Continue reading A Warrior is Persistent

Thought Tuesday

Lifting the Poor Wayfaring Men of Grief

As we were leaving a Walmart parking lot yesterday, I rolled down my car window and gave a dollar to a homeless man on the corner. He grabbed my hand and genuinely thanked me for the dollar, but asked if I had anything for a headache. It was so hot outside. No wonder he had… Continue reading Lifting the Poor Wayfaring Men of Grief


#bethelight – Day 276, 277, 278, and 279

When you are doing a bunch of traveling, hours upon hours in a car, it's hard to get out a computer to write on the blog. However, this has not stopped me from keeping up the kindness efforts. While driving I worked at being a kind driver. I shared the music. I chatted with the… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 276, 277, 278, and 279

Menu Monday

Keeping it Healthy… almost?

Monday plant eating opened with some of the best black berries I have ever eaten. I got them at the farmer's market. I think they called them triple berries. Whatever they are called, they were so juicy and sweet. I ate 2 boxes. That led to my down fall of eating a few potato chips.… Continue reading Keeping it Healthy… almost?

Family Friday

A Lazy Week

The week opened with SLEEP!  Lilli and I were completely wiped out from the long haul of CET.  However, that didn't stop us from tackling a couple projects throughout the week. First, John wrapped his visit to Utah on business with a visit with his sister and his parents.  He only spent a few waking… Continue reading A Lazy Week

Theatre Thursday

The Shocking Amount Created in 5 Weeks at CET

You may be shocked to see just how many shows I design, organize and build, get performance ready and then strike, all within a 5 week period.  I also manage and track the progress of the other tech staff (props, puppets, masks, lighting and sound).  I do pick up a saw or a drill or… Continue reading The Shocking Amount Created in 5 Weeks at CET


Finding the LORD of Lords

I re-read this today and just wanted to share it again.

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

As we drove along yesterday on a long drive, my husband and I were listening to passages from the book of Helaman in the Book of Mormon for his morning scripture study.  a thought suddenly occurred to me… These people were Old Testament people.   They had not yet met the Savior, even they had firm testimonies of Jesus Christ.  They would have been speaking language more closely related to Hebrew.  They would have called Him Something closer to Messiah.

Messiah is Hebrew for “anointed one.”  Christ is Greek for “anointed one.”   They had testimonies that Jesus Christ was in the beginning and “anointed” to be the Lord, the God of this world.  They understood the doctrine of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  They understood His role as Savior and Redeemer.


I became obsessed with the idea all day.  Ever moment I didn’t have to think about something else, my mind…

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#bethelight – Day 274 and 275

It's been a chill week.  I have been taking it easy.  It's been nice.  I am slowly working through my belongs in preparation for my kids to move back home.  I've been giving a few things to others.  What is one man's scraps is an other man's treasure.  "re-homing" items that still have a ton… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 274 and 275