Scripture Sunday

Focusing on the Savoir This General Conference - So many things to think about… it’s exhausting. It is super cool that someone creative makes these little pictures that will now go in my electronic picture frame, reminding me of the many lessons learned this General Conference.
Putting My Christian Heart to Work Because I Have Been Given Much - I spent the weekend working… working when my heart really wanted to sit at my desk and listen to General Conference.  I worked on my set for many hours.  I worked on creating apple sauce at the request of my daughter.  I worked at creating a sugar free apple pie.  I worked at harvesting the… Continue reading Putting My Christian Heart to Work Because I Have Been Given Much
LOVE is the Higher Law. - This past week I answered a question for my missionary daughter about the living a higher law. I gave it a ton of thought before I answered her.  I decided that living the higher law comes down to the two great commandments… Loving God and Loving your neighbor.  We are living the higher law when make… Continue reading LOVE is the Higher Law.
I Will Praise Thee Forever - Today my heart is overwhelmed with awe and thanks giving because of the greatness of God. I am inspired by the song, How Great Thou Art.  A young Swedish minister, Reverend Carl Boberg of Monsteras, walked two miles along the southeast coast of Sweden in the rain and then was inspired to pen the words… Continue reading I Will Praise Thee Forever
Finding the LORD of Lords - As we drove along yesterday on a long drive, my husband and I were listening to passages from the book of Helaman in the Book of Mormon for his morning scripture study.  a thought suddenly occurred to me… These people were Old Testament people.   They had not yet met the Savior, even they had firm… Continue reading Finding the LORD of Lords
Be Still… A Few Thoughts on Meditation - I have made a new discovery for myself.  I have been focusing on spiritually grounding myself with daily scripture study and prayer.  Sadly, my commitment to my scripture study, and most frequently, prayer is irregular at best.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am much better at these two practices than I used to be and… Continue reading Be Still… A Few Thoughts on Meditation
Refining Moments - I’ve been pondering an idea for a couple of days… If we will be humble, the Lord will refine us. I am not being refined in some dramatic fashion.  It’s on a small scale.  No Saul/Paul or Alma experiences happening here.  It’s more like a little every day.  And frankly, though it is painful in… Continue reading Refining Moments
I Believe - A few weeks ago I was helping a student pick a song for an audition for an upcoming musical at school.  As I glanced through the many musical theatre anthologies, my eye fell on the song “I Believe” from The Book of Mormon, the Musical.   So many of my friends love this musical.  To be… Continue reading I Believe
Journey to Be a Goodly Parent - Today I was studying 1 Nephi (a book I am very familiar with as I have read it multiple times).  I was impressed with Nephi saying he was the son of “goodly parents.”  What made them “goodly?” I looked up “goodly” in the dictionary.  Here are a few of the definitions I found: Of good… Continue reading Journey to Be a Goodly Parent
Enlisting in the Battalion - The discussion this week at church was all about how we, as adults, can help strengthen the youth around us.  As I listened, the thought came to me that we are strength all youth, not just church youth.  Youth are under a massive, strategic attack.  The adversary would like them to lose their identity, forget… Continue reading Enlisting in the Battalion
Ministering Hands - It seems that the subject of most meetings at church these past weeks has been “ministering.”  There have been many great lessons and talks on the subject of ministering.  However, one of the greatest lessons of ministering I have learned to day comes from my grand-daughter, a four year old with the heart of a… Continue reading Ministering Hands
Pondering Revelation - I have been pondering the subject of increasing my ability to receive personal revelation. I have read President Nelson’s recent address several times. I have read other materials on the subject. I have written my thoughts in a letter to my missionary daughter. I still have much to learn, but I have decided that I… Continue reading Pondering Revelation
Forget Kindergarten…. I learned it from Mom - Forget Kindergarten… I never went.  Everything I learned about being a mom I learned from my mom.  As a kid, I did my best to listen to her, watch her, and sometimes challenge her. As I started my own motherhood adventure I looked to what I learned from her about what real mothering was… what… Continue reading Forget Kindergarten…. I learned it from Mom
In the Footsteps of the Minister - Today in church we talked about ministering to others.  Personally, I do not feel like there has been a change… well maybe in vocabulary and that is it.  I believe that God has always ask us to be ministers. The dictionary says that to “minister” means to attend to the needs of others. Christ has… Continue reading In the Footsteps of the Minister
Working on Being a Saint - Most people would say I’m “Mormon.”  Although, being given the title of “Mormon” isn’t an insult, it does not truly represent my faith and conviction.   Because my church believes in the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ that is a collections of writings and testimonies of ancient prophets comparable to the Bible and… Continue reading Working on Being a Saint
Thoughts on Symbolism - I have been fascinated with symbolism for much of my adult life.  I decided that I’d do a study on symbolism for a little while. Symbols are a timeless, universal language. God often speaks to us through symbols. I want to be more literate in the things of the Spirit and more fluent in the language of symbols. Today I was… Continue reading Thoughts on Symbolism
Fasting to Feed My Soul - I woke up hungry this morning. It is fast Sunday and I have chosen to fast.  I decided to make my fast more meaningful, to go to church with an attitude of worship and gratitude. I have been studying the law of the fast… both physically and spiritually… ways fasting helps my body heal and… Continue reading Fasting to Feed My Soul
Words of Wisdom - I think Conference weekend is my favorite weekend.  Too bad there are only two in a year.  I felt so peaceful and so energized in one.  Here are some of the Memes I collected from this Conference.  I stick them in an electronic picture frame and put it on random.  They scroll through and I… Continue reading Words of Wisdom
Celebrating the Great Life Giver - Many years ago I learned of the heroic efforts of Oscar Schindler, a compassionate man who attempted to rescue a doomed race of people.  Schindler made large amounts of money in his factory in Krakow Poland providing enamel-ware for the Germans.  He used that money to buy the lives of hundreds of defenseless Jews.  To… Continue reading Celebrating the Great Life Giver
“I Will Go and Do…” - Today I have been thinking about an old scripture mastery… I think it may still be a scripture mastery, but I’m not sure because I am no longer teaching seminary.  This scripture may be the first scripture I ever memorized… way back when I was in seminary. “And it came to pass that I, Nephi,… Continue reading “I Will Go and Do…”
Look Beyond What You See - I have been living and breathing the story of Lion King over the past few months.  I had the honor of directing Lion King Jr at a local school.  I cherished the opportunity to bring to life one of my favorite stories… a story full of symbolism and meaning… a story that strengthens my faith.… Continue reading Look Beyond What You See
Savoring the Sabbath - Today, in church, we talked about the importance of the Sabbath day.  The discussion got me thinking. The fourth commandment in the ten commandments God gave to Moses teaches us to set aside one day out of seven to “rest” from work and to focus on worshiping God. “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it… Continue reading Savoring the Sabbath
Aspects of Love - We celebrated love this week with Valentine’s Day.  It’s got me thinking more about all of the aspects of love.  I looked at an old blog post I posted many years ago and decided to give it a face lift… adding a little here and there from a few more years of experience. One of… Continue reading Aspects of Love
Blessing or Burden - I’ve been thinking all day about the burden that comes with agency.  I’ve been thinking about the price that comes with agency. Agency is a priceless, sacred, eternal gift.  Agency is the power to think, to choose, and to act for ourselves. Agency presents endless possibilities and opportunities.  Attached to these possibilities and opportunities is… Continue reading Blessing or Burden
Contention – Nobody Got Time For That! - “And he commanded them that there should be no contention one with another, but that they should look forward with one eye, having one faith and one baptism, having their hearts knit together in unity and in love one towards another.” Mosiah 18:21 I’ve been thinking about and pondering this scripture for a couple of… Continue reading Contention – Nobody Got Time For That!
The Gift of Love - One of the greatest rewards of surviving the sleepless nights of night feedings, the sleepless night of worry, the sleepless nights of “talkative” teens, and the sleepless nights of wondering how to pay for that mission, wedding or college is the joy of being a grandparent. I love making faces at little Freya and getting… Continue reading The Gift of Love
The Gift of the Holy Ghost - This past Christmas we gave my daughter a new cell phone.  This phone can help her to keep in touch with her parents.  This phone can give her knowledge when she has a desire to search.  This phone can guide her when she needs direction.  This phone can help her to stay connected to things… Continue reading The Gift of the Holy Ghost
The Gift of Repentance – The Parable of the Pen and Shane the Sheep - Today I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting today.  Here it is in all it’s glory… To introduce my subject I decided to write a parable… the Parable of the Pen… and Shane the Sheep (no relation to Shawn the Sheep). As inspiration for this parable I look to John chapter 10 where Jesus makes… Continue reading The Gift of Repentance – The Parable of the Pen and Shane the Sheep
Symbolism - So much to think about today! Today I taught a lesson in Sunday School about symbolism.  We had a great discussion.  The kids were very engaged.  I will talk about what we talked about in another blog on a different date.  But I do want to address symbolism. I have been fascinated with symbolism for much of my adult life. Symbols… Continue reading Symbolism
Stillness Illness - I have a serious case of “stillness illness.”  It is my habit to live life in a constant state of business. Work must be done.  Children must be chauffeured.  Friends and family need our attention.  Seriously.  I live a life that is a whirlwind of activity. December is no exception.  I spend my time rushing… Continue reading Stillness Illness
Cultivating My Testimony of Jesus, the Christ. - A testimony is the personal assurance of Jesus Christ’s divinity, that Jesus is the Christ.  Paul wrote, “faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17).  To gain a testimony we must hear of Christ.  We must pray for divine conformation as witnessed by the Holy Ghost.  We must be willing… Continue reading Cultivating My Testimony of Jesus, the Christ.
Expect the Unexpected - I have been pondering prayer and receiving answers to prayers this past week. I think of the things I prayer for… greater faith, love, holiness, wisdom, discernment, God’s grace, courage, patience, the joy that only God can grant along with the basic daily needs my family and I stand in need of each day… and… Continue reading Expect the Unexpected
Keeping My Flame of Faith Alive and Well - I am sure thousands of books have been written, and thousands of talks have been given addressing the principle of faith.  Faith is a topic I feel we are all trying to understand, comprehend and gain a perfect knowledge of… what more could I truly add?  And yet, I find myself compelled to address the… Continue reading Keeping My Flame of Faith Alive and Well
Worship – A Matter of the Heart - Jesus taught “Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve” (Luke 4:8).  Not only is worship a commandment, but God has placed in our hearts a desire to worship, to seek Him and the salvation He offers, so to serve Him. A knowledge of truth is key to worship… real… Continue reading Worship – A Matter of the Heart
I Stand All Amazed - My heart is heavy.  There has been much distress around me – from the news to people I am acquainted with, that shocks and saddens me.  In times of great distress I turn music that uplifts my soul.  Today I was searching for that one song that could enlighten my mind and came across… I… Continue reading I Stand All Amazed
The Road to Wholeness - We are all travelers on the road to wholeness.  We are all moving, forward or backward, learning who we are and what we want to become.  To achieve wholeness is to overcome the “natural man” and to fulfill our greatest potential. The road to wholeness is traveled one step at a time.  Each step, no… Continue reading The Road to Wholeness
First Important Lesson – I am a Child of God - When my children were little… and fussy… and worried… and anxious… I’d hum a little tune that always made them feel better. As small children their sweet little souls knew it and believed it with great fervor! “Lead me, guide me, walk beside me…” “I am a child of God” is the first religious lesson… Continue reading First Important Lesson – I am a Child of God
The Parable of the Flying Cheerleader - It is football season and what better time would there be then now to share the Parable of the Flying Cheerleader. Life as a teenager is like being a flyer on a cheer leading team.  Let me explain.   Spectators are always impressed with the stunts cheer leading teams perform at fall football games.  This… Continue reading The Parable of the Flying Cheerleader
Feasting on the Words of Power - This weekend is a feast… a FEAST for the soul! It is General Conference weekend for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  In our church we have a world-wide conference twice a year that is broadcast for Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The prophet, the twelve apostles and others called by… Continue reading Feasting on the Words of Power
You are Mine - I have to admit, I am complete confused by women I hear or see complaining about the messages church leadership sends to women in the church.  I LOVE what I learn in meetings and in conference!  Take yesterday at the General Women’s Conference. I came away with a great reminder to  remember who I am,… Continue reading You are Mine
Oneness is not just for Buddhists - I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I am also a student of all that is good.  I love to read and see how religions from around the world reflect my own faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ. Today I read the conference talk given in the April 2017… Continue reading Oneness is not just for Buddhists
Glory of Truth Enlightened - D&C 93:36 “The glory of God is intelligence, or, in other words, light and truth.” I’ve heard this scripture for most of my life.  It is the motto of the university I attended and graduated from. Intelligence usually is coupled with gathering of information… learning… thinking.  God wants us to learn.  He wants us to… Continue reading Glory of Truth Enlightened
Do You Hear the Crickets Sing? - There is a time in every single one of our lives when we all realized we have learned to hear the crickets. Crickets are messengers.  Near my home, crickets are a signal that summer is ending soon, that fall is approaching.  Their cheerful little chirps add to magical late summer evenings. (I read that their… Continue reading Do You Hear the Crickets Sing?
Another Testament of Jesus Christ - Today I finished reading “The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ”.  This is not the first time I have read this book.  However, this is the first time I have read it in 65 days – the time it took Joseph Smith to translate the gold plates. I usually read the Book of… Continue reading Another Testament of Jesus Christ
- Life is a struggle.  At least, this is a fact that I have learned throughout my life.  Whether it is physical pain, emotional pain, struggles with insecurities, or the continuing fight to grow a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, life is a struggle.  Life’s struggles often frustrate our abilities to increase our faith.… Continue reading
The Merciful Obtain Mercy  - In light of all that has happened in the world today, it was poetic that today I re-read the, The Merciful Obtain Mercy by President Dieter f. Uchtdorf.  Truly, the Lord knows what we must face.  He inspires His Prophets to teach us the way before we need it most.  This “instant classic” is brilliant, and… Continue reading The Merciful Obtain Mercy 
Fragile…  - This morning as I sat at my desk organizing the day and week, I looked up at the cork board above my computer and saw the delicate painted egg that a former visiting teacher gave me. I have new visiting teachers now, but I so enjoyed getting to know her then (thankfully I still see… Continue reading Fragile… 
Scripture Sunday – The Great White Out  - Today, as I sat in church, a thought struck me.  The little girl who was baring her testimony of Christ and how the Atonement of Jesus Christ allows us to have a “do over,” I thought, “Christ is my white out!  Because of Him I can rewrite my story anytime.” I know. It’s a weird… Continue reading Scripture Sunday – The Great White Out 
Scripture Sunday – What’s in a Name?  - The power of a name and its value has long been immortalized in prose, poetry, and religious ceremony. Everyone recognizes himself or herself by name. Every fall or at the beginning of each play production, I have students introduce themselves to the rest of the group.  I like to ask them to think about their… Continue reading Scripture Sunday – What’s in a Name? 
Scripture Sunday – Jesus IS the Plan  - Hannah is getting to go to the temple for the first time.  As a result she has been discussing the temple prep lessons with me (McKay and Myles through Skype today).  Today’s subject is The Plan.  This plan was designed to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.  This plan includes a… Continue reading Scripture Sunday – Jesus IS the Plan 
WORK – A four-letter Word  - This blog is for Kimber, who did a great job teaching Relief Society today on the value of work and self-reliance.  So many wanted to contribute to the thoughts shared that she didn’t get to say all the things she had prepared for the lesson, but she got me thinking and I should record my… Continue reading WORK – A four-letter Word 
Dancing with Daffodils  - As winter draws to a close here in the Northwest, the hearty daffodils begin to poke their heads up through the leaves, grass and twigs on the surface of the ground, braving the down pour of rain and the whipping of winds. During the dark days of winter it is common to walk by the… Continue reading Dancing with Daffodils 
An Example of the Believers  - Being an example radiates from our very being. It defines who we are, what we believe in, and how we act. There is good in everyone. Even though our beliefs may differ, we all radiate something……What is it that you radiate? What conviction shows forth from you that says “I AM AN EXAMPLE of…”? Yesterday… Continue reading An Example of the Believers 
Prodigal… dutiful… rejoicing  - This morning I find myself contemplating the parable of the prodigal son. I find myself in the unusual position of identifying with, and perhaps “being” all three characters in the story at once. The parable of the prodigal son is the most developed of the three parables of the “lost”, the “seeker”, and the “found.”… Continue reading Prodigal… dutiful… rejoicing 
Love Changes Everything  - Lately I am obsessing over how to motive not only myself, but my children, to make good choices. It’s hard. I believe firmly that God is very concerned about the quality of my life just I am concerned for the quality of my kids lives. He wants me to do more than just believe in… Continue reading Love Changes Everything 
My Yoke is Easy…  - I had a thought occur to me while studying Matt. 11:28-29. Why did I ever think I could learn to bridle all my passions without the Lord? OK… I’ve known this before, but I continue to forget. The Lord continues to repeat lessons for me because I continue to forgetful… sheesh… at least He is… Continue reading My Yoke is Easy… 
Once On This Island Report  - I had the great honor of directing Once on This Island at Central High School which performed the first couple weeks of March.  The show was added to the season after many students requested one more chance to do a show before the end of their senior year.  I didn’t start off directing the show.… Continue reading Once On This Island Report 
Les Miserables  -  From the beginning of January through the end of March of 2014 I had the pleasure of working on the production of Les Miserable performed at Pentacle Theater.  I was very involved in the blocking of the production.  The director, Robert Salberg, assigned me all of the large group numbers and most of the scenes… Continue reading Les Miserables 
A Masterpiece of Law vs. Grace  - Oh, so long ago I fell in love with the incredible story penned by Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables .  Such a literary powerhouse long before Alain Boubeil and Claude-Michel Schonberg wrote their musical based on the story in 1980. I fell in love all over again.  This time with haunting melodies and an exquisite score.    I loved it… Continue reading A Masterpiece of Law vs. Grace